About Us…

What makes Pizza Provencale so special?

Pizza Provencale is as far away from a fast food establishment or chain restaurant as you can get.

“Pizza Prov”, as it’s affectionately known, has friendly staff, an eclectic array of memorabilia and an atmosphere reminiscent of a Parisian bistro.

Perhaps it’s the interesting mix of family groups, couples and students that make it so special.

Or simply that Pizza Prov makes the best pizzas in Bristol!

 What makes our pizzas so special?

We start by sourcing all our ingredients locally – although there are exceptions like sun-dried tomatoes, pineapples and olives.

Then we make the dough, fresh, every single day. That’s the base of any good pizza.

So when it comes to toppings we can let our imagination run riot. Ever tried Tandoori Chicken with mint and onion dip or our spicy Le Hot Shot?

When you’ve got a fresh doughy base and a seriously tasty topping you can be sure you’ve got a Pizza Prov pizza – the best pizza in town.